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Case Studies

A English repeating bracket clock

A English repeating bracket clock from the 1730s came into our workshop. On examination it hadn't been overhauled since 1963 and so required considerable work to repair the worn bushes, worn pivots, and the strike-silent mechanism was missing and subsequently replaced.

Carriage Clock

The clock arrived with the mechanism in a very dirty state as it hadn't run for some years. The echanism was removed from the case, examined, dismantled and lightly cleaned. The pivots were then polished, five pvot holes were foound to be worn and were thus re-bushed. Finally all parts were polished, given a final clean, re-assembled and oiled. The platform was adjusted and one end stone replaced. It was  test run for 10 days to check timekeeping and regulate acordingly. It was then returned to the grateful owner.