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Our Services

We offer a comprehensive repair and restoration service for most antique clocks and related items.

Work can include casework and dial restoration as well as movement repair. Most of the work is carried out in our workshop although we can call on the services of a skilled painted dial restorer when necessary.

We do not normally charge for estimates or quotations.

Every clock mechanism is removed from its case, dismantled, examined and cleaned. Only after the dirt and grime are removed is it possible to examine each component and determine what needs to be done to get the clock back to working order. Sometimes it is only necessary to polish each part, re-assemble and oil. On other occasions worn holes are bushed and damaged pivots repaired or replaced. Where the clock has not been serviced for many years, or has had an accident, it may be necessary to make and fit new parts, wheels or springs. 

More extensive repairs can be undertaken, for example verge conversions or missing repeat work.

Although we endeavour to carry out most work in our workshop (where we have extensive specialist machinery including gear cutting and lathes) we appreciate this is not always possible. Work on turret, church and stable clocks is normally carried out in situ. However, if worn parts need to be replaced, they are removed, brought back to the workshop and a new parts made.